Kick off season this week! Bring a friend!

Trails & Maps

Hike & Bike Trails

Many around town: YMCA Branch Crossing by the Park n Ride......more to come!

Mapmyrun Maps

All my maps can be found here under txtrigirl....see runs and bike maps here for public use!

Creekside "Spring Creek"

Soft packed for roots and occassional snakes on the trail! More to come!

Farmers Market

Take to the trails to visit local Farmers Markets. Two in the Woodlands! Grogans Mill and also Tamina Road.

Parks and Parks

Riding to parks can be a great outing! Northshore Park, Town Greene Park, or back to Terramont Park! The Woodlands has many!

Long Rides

LONGer rides require additional HYDRATION, bike tube kit with extra tubes, and cash for extra's! Support and Safety is TXTRI motto for the long ride!